Loewe bild s.77

For magic
TV moments.

Big pictures,
big screen.

For true cinema enthusiasts, Loewe bild s is available in a spectacular 77-inch format with a screen diagonal of 195 cm – an exceptional cinematic experience at home. Now, the only thing that is missing is popcorn.

Loewe personal signature badge

The Loewe bild s.77 is produced at the headquarters in Kronach. This special product is manufactured with the greatest care, attention to detail and passion by employees in our handicraft factory.

This is why this exclusive television also deserves a very personal touch. The high-quality metal emblem is attached to the back of each bild s.77 with the engraved, consecutive serial number, underlining the value and thus the uniqueness of this product.  

Impressively versatile.

Integrated Soundbar

The technology is visible only if you wish to see it.

At the touch of a button, the screen slides upwards to reveal the integrated soundbar, providing a rich 120 watts of output.
Powered by OLED.

Never been so slim. 

360 degree design.

Clear lines, premium materials – the Loewe bild s sleek elegance will enhance any modern living environment. Pure understatement. A stylish fabric cover conceals the connections and cables on the back.
360 degree design.

Beautiful from every angle.  

Powered by OLED.

The bild s display is only 7 mm slimmer than most smartphones, but still extremely stable thanks to high-quality materials.

Uncompromising picture quality.

Thanks to Dolby Vision, bild s delivers brilliant high-dynamic range images (HDR) with an unexpected depth and an unbelievable colour spectrum (wide colour gamut). An eye-catching effect. Doesn't matter whether you immerse yourself in picturesque landscapes or in the final frontier. Dolby Vision ensures that films are shown as the filmmakers intended.
Loewe bild s.77
Screen diagonal
77" / 195cm
Ultra HD Resolution
3840 x 2160 Pixel
Display technology
HDR-Bild | 750 cd/m² | Image+ Active
4 x HDMI | WLAN | LAN | Bluetooth
2 x 60 W Output

A masterpiece
for your home.

Izumeli smo televiziju. I to nije sve.